“1000 Times” by Sara Bareilles

“Nothing could be worse than the risk of losing what don’t have now.”

Back of the room
Looking at you
Counting the steps
Between us

Eyes on the ground
But can’t look up now
Don’t wanna give it away
My secret

don’t mind, no I don’t mind it
would come back
Hey hey

Kiss me goodnight
Like a good friend might
I’ll do the same
But won’t mean it

Again again
let it go, let it go
Cover my mouth
Don’t let a single word slip out

Wouldn’t wanna tell you, no
Tell you, no

I’m weaker by the minute, though
Is it so bad if wanna cry out

Make me wait forever
Push me away and tell me never
don’t mind, no I don’t mind it
I would come back
I would come back 1000 times (Hey yeah)
I would come back


I'm routinely overestimated.

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