Farewell, Angela Merkel!

During her tenure in office, Merkel has led Germany through crisis after crisis by adopting a no-nonsense, follow-the-science brand of politics. For her admirers, this is central to her appeal.

Remembering the Alamo: It’s Time To Mess With Texas

The many myths surrounding Texas’ birth, especially those cloaking the fabled 1836 siege at the Alamo, remain cherished in the state. Even as the nation is undergoing a sweeping reassessment of its racial history, little of this has permeated the conversation in Texas.

Republicans Rewrite History of January 6th

WASHINGTON,DC-JAN6: Tear gas is fired at supporters of President Trump who stormed the United States Capitol building. (Photo by Evelyn Hockstein/For The Washington Post)

For Republicans, adherence to facts about January 6th cannot overcome adherence to the party line.

The Ignorance of Simon Biles’ Critics

Advertisements Those who have criticized Simon Biles for withdrawing from the Olympic competition have missed the mark big time. They have the right to express their views, but they should choose to shut up and listen rather than revealing their ignorance and bigotry. Simon Biles is probably the greatest gymnast in the history of the… Continue reading The Ignorance of Simon Biles’ Critics

What Makes a Cult a Cult?

The silos of political groupthink created by social media have turned out to be ideal settings for the germination and dissemination of extremist ideas and alternative realities. To date, the most significant and frightening cultic phenomenon to arise from social media is QAnon.

Conspiracy, Political Violence, & American Exceptionalism

Most Americans express positive feelings about the 2020 election. While Trump has influence among GOP voters, much of the public believes he encouraged the assault on the US Capitol.

Why Were the Polls Wrong in 2020?

“Whether the candidates were running for president, senator or governor, poll margins overall suggested that Democratic candidates would do better and Republican candidates would do worse relative to the final certified vote.”

Violent Crime is Much Lower Than It Was Thirty Years Ago

A clear majority of Americans believe there is more violent crime in the U.S. today than in the 1990s even though today’s violent crime rate is much lower than it was 30 years ago.

The Rise of Anti-history

Anti-historians drop historical references into political debates without regard to context, logic, or proportionality. They are willfully ignorant of history, viewing it in purely instrumental terms as a bludgeon to wield without even bothering to understand it.

We Are Two Nations, Divisible

And while I do pray a benevolent God may keep us Americans from ripping one another apart over our political and cultural differences, it’s time to recognize that they are real, not contrived; deep-seated, not superficial; and an authentic reflection of divisions in our population, not an invention of manipulative elites, politicians, or the news media.

There Is No Debate Over Critical Race Theory

“Constructive criticism often hurts, but like painful medical treatments, it can be lifesaving; it can be nation-saving. But what’s happening now is something entirely different and destructive—not constructive. This isn’t a “culture war.” This isn’t even an “argument.” This isn’t even “criticism.” This is critics arguing with themselves.”

Is America heading to a place where it can no longer call itself a democracy?

Voting rights are threatened across the US and Trump allies are vying to control elections in multiple states. Can US democracy survive the post-Trump onslaught?