The Far Side by Gary Larson

  • Here are our most reprinted cartoons of last week (January 16th through January 23th 2021). We have a tie for 10th place so the Top Ten is the Top Eleven this week. This was inauguration week and the presidential transition dominated the news and the cartoons. Dave Granlund's #1 cartoon got far more reprints than […]
  • Next week the Senate will take up the second impeachment of former president Trump. It is a good time to look back on my sedition favorites from the MAGA mob insurrection at the capitol. My cartoon shows a MAGA guy bashing a policeman on the head with his Thin Blue Line flag. I thought this […]
  • Here are our most reprinted cartoons of last week (January 9nd through January 16th 2021). The news was dominated by President Trump and continuing fallout from the insurrection at the Capitol, but as usual, no cartoons depicting Trump were popular with editors. Four of the Top Ten cartoons are about the pandemic. Jeff Koterba had another […]
  • While the mainstream media is rightfully focused on the second impeachment of President Trump and the assault on the Capitol, right wing media is obsessed with "Freedom of Speech." Right wing outlets are calling for action against the "censorship" of conservatives by big, liberal, tech companies after Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites banned […]
  • Right now the House is debating President Trump's second impeachment and a few, prominent Republicans have indicated their support for impeachment – a stark departure from the last impeachment that has split the Republican party. Here are FOUR of my cartoons – Come look!
  • Today's cartoon is based on one of my oldies that was based on a famous cartoon by the great British cartoonist, Steve Bell.  I'm a big Steve Bell fan. Editors don't like poop in cartoons, and this one isn't likely to get much ink, but it makes me happy. Come look!
  • Here are our most reprinted cartoons of last week (January 2nd through January 9th 2021). This week was dominated by the news of President Trump inciting a mob to assault the Capitol and 7 out of the 10 cartoons are on this topic, and the three cartoons on other topics were drawn before Wednesday’s insurrection. […]
  • Republican rotten tomatoes and GOP-Guernica! Come look!

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