The Far Side by Gary Larson

  • Here are our most reprinted cartoons of the week ending April 17th, 2021. Congrats to RJ Matson who has the #1 cartoon. And congratulations to Steve Sack and  Jeff Koterba who each have two cartoons on the list! And kudos to the other cartoonists on the list! Dick Wright, Dave Granlund, John Darkow, Gary McCoy and Dave […]
  • On Saturday, April 17th, at 2:00pm Eastern time I'll have my first drop of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) of of my TOP favorite editorial cartoons. I think this will be the first NFT drop by any editorial cartoonist and there is a lot of potential in  NFTs for our troubled profession. See my page […]
  • Could NFTs save the editorial cartooning profession? Artists of all kinds are eager to take advantage of NFTs, which could be an exciting new income opportunity or a momentary tech bubble, ready to burst. Read about the first editorial cartoon NFT drop on my blog!
  • Here are our most reprinted cartoons of the week ending April 11rd, 2021. Congrats to Bob Englehart who has the #1 cartoon. Congratulations to Dick Wright who had his best performance since joining CagleCartoons with the #4 and #5 cartoons. Also congrats to Dave Granlund who has two cartoons in the Top Ten. And kudos the […]
  • Vaccines are just now becoming available to all age groups in the USA, and we're well on track to getting enough people vaccinated by this Summer. In the rest of the world the grows much worse. China and Russia are doling their dubious vaccines out to desperate nations to curry foreign favor, without revealing […]
  • Here's my new cartoon, with President Biden dragging the GOP doggie to places where it doesn't want to go. I get lots of questions from cartoonists about how I recommend that they prepare their cartoons for syndication. Here is the "recipe" we give to our CagleCartoonists. Some new CagleCartoonists are old timers without computer skills, […]
  • Here's my new cartoon about baseball, voter repression and Jim Crow in Georgia.I like drawing that nasty crow.  Here are some of my favorite cartoons from the Cagle Cartoonists about the voter repression law in Georgia.
  • Ukrainian cartoonist Vladimir Kazanevky may have won more awards than any other cartoonist; he is one of the kings of the international cartoon competitions. Vlad, an occasional contributor to, has written his take on the issues facing editorial cartoonists today from his unique place in the cartooning world. See Vlad’s archive here. —————— By […]

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