The unexamined life is not worth living.” 

  • by Sabrina D. MisirHiralall
    Janella Baxter is a philosopher of science. Her work focuses on epistemological issues in experimental areas of biology. She is beginning to branch out into social, political, and ethical issues […]
  • by Chris Rawls & Boram Jeong
    Boram Jeong is an assistant professor of Philosophy at the University of Colorado, Denver, U.S. She received her PhD from Duquesne University and Université Paris 8 Vincennes–Saint-Denis in 2017. She […]
  • by Mark Coppenger
    My doctoral seminar in Apologetical Ethics grew out of a commissioned book I did for B&H, Moral Apologetics for Contemporary Christians: Pushing Back Against Cultural and Religious Critics. The syllabus has […]
  • by Daniel Tippens
    People speak of gaslighting quite often these days. So much so that I sometimes wonder if its the crime of our times which goes unregulated by law. Of course, part […]
  • by APA Communications
    The American Philosophical Association is now accepting nominations for APA leadership positions for terms beginning July 1, 2021. Visit the online nominations system. There will be member positions available on […]
  • by Steven M. Cahn
    A Man for All Seasons, Robert Bolt’s 1960 play about Sir Thomas More, is usually interpreted as a defense of living and dying in accord with strict adherence to moral […]
  • by Emily Rose Ogland
    Below is the audio recording of Richard J. Arneson’s Presidential Address Address, given at the 2018-2019 Pacific Division Meeting. The talk is titled “Individual Well-Being and Social Justice”, and it […]
  • by Jeremy Bendik-Keymer
    For reasons I have elsewhere explained, I tend not to talk about the “Anthropocene.”  But that does not mean we cannot talk here about other relevant things.  One of them […]
  • by Bara Kolenc
    This post is part two of a two-part series on skepticism and ethics in the Women in Philosophy series. The first part can be found here. Less than a year […]
  • by Eric Bayruns García
    I will teach two sections of this philosophy of race course at California State University, San Bernardino this coming Fall 2020 semester. I have been teaching at CSU, San Bernardino […]
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