“Another Flavour” by The Sundays

“Fashion, the timing was wrong, they find another flavour and pretty soon you’re gone.”

Fashion, the timing’s all wrong 
They taste another
And pretty soon you’re gone 
Fashion, this time it’s too late 
You knew you’d have to pay for this one day

He loves now, he loves me not
He loves me again 
Usual story, another surprise

Fashion, this time it’s
They tickle you with a feather
They tell
you you’re sublime
Turn on – to each their own
Usual story, another

Fashion – the timing was wrong 
Your are fair weather 
You knew it all along 
Turn on – to each their own 
It’s doing my mind in another surprise

Don’t let black you out for the evening
Sad-happy sufferer no no no
Don’t let crack you
Try not to feel it
As long as they’re watching your show this time


I'm routinely overestimated.

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