Does Fox News create a negative attitude toward immigrants?

Another re-posting of a blog entry from two years ago.  It seems more today than it did when I wrote it.  Originally Published October 30, 2014.

There is a sizable gap in toward immigration between Republicans primarily trust as their primary news source and Republicans who trust another news source.  Republicans who trust another source have views toward immigrants that are reflective of the views of all .  Republicans who trust Fox News are not only the primary source of negative attitudes toward immigrants among all Americans but they also tilt the balance of Republican views toward seeing immigrants as a negative force in society.

Does Fox News CAUSE this to happen or is there another factor that might explain it?

For example,  would the people trusting Fox News have different attitudes if they were watching a different news source or are they watching Fox News BECAUSE they have these attitudes and Fox News caters to them?  Is it important to know the answer to that question?

If Fox News is the cause, does it have a responsibility to present a more balanced perspective?  If it is just simply providing that its viewers would seek out anyway, should it continue to present itself as a news organization or should it be viewed more as an entertainment organization that is catering to the interests of those who are already predisposed to watch it and agree with the opinions that it promotes?

People often claim to base their opinions on facts.

“We have an immigration crisis.” “Obama favors amnesty”. “We are doing nothing to secure the border”.


Do we know the things we know or do we just imagine that we do because we are told to believe them by the news sources that we consume?

Is there actually an immigration problem in this country?  Or is there an immigration scare promulgated by media sources?


Does this change the public policies that we would adopt?


Have we seen this kind of thing before?



“Those who cannot learn from are doomed to repeat it.”

George Santayana


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