Donald Trump and Racial Division in the United States

Perhaps attempting to educate will be more effective than ridicule and condemnation.

Some people seem to believe that Trump is not a racist or at least question whether or not he is. This surprises me- and a lot of other people. My assumption has long been that most people who support Trump knew he was a racist and supported him- at least in part- for that reason.

Perhaps many people who support him just don’t understand why most Americans believe that he is. Perhaps attempting to educate will be more effective than ridicule and condemnation.

Trump is -without any doubt- a racist.

Why Donald Trump’s Racist Language Isn’t Debatable

Possibly, some people who support him simply have not been exposed to the considerable evidence of this. Or maybe they have only been exposed to viewpoints that excuse and defend him rather than those that seek to explain both why he is a racist and why it is so dangerous to this country to continue along the path he wants to bring us.

I am likely quite naive to think that anything that I could do or write or say would have any impact on the trajectory of the country’s discourse. But I love this country too much and have spent far too much time studying and teaching about its history and political system to sit by idly and allow this man to tear this country apart without putting up a fight.

My hope is that enough well-intentioned people who really do love this country and really are not racist will come to realize that they have made a mistake in supporting Trump. My hope is that they will realize that they cannot continue to contribute to the decline of this great country by emboldening a man who seems determined- and perhaps destined- to bring it down.

I am not optimistic. Donald Trump is racist by any and every meaning of the word. The evidence of this is widely available and one would think that reasonable and fair-minded people would have already arrived at this conclusion by now. But I will keep fighting because the fight now is going to be a lot tamer if we can send this man back to where he came from sooner rather than later.

A Trump victory in 2020 will almost certainly be the most polarizing event our society has experienced since the Civil War. Our democracy is not well-equipped to survive another one of those.

Why Trump’s 2020 Re-Election Campaign Will Be More Racially Divisive than 2016 Campaign

The fact is, his behaviour and policies have already repelled a majority of voters. He wants the applause of his adoring base too much to change style. And his view that America is essentially a white country messed up by escapees from non-white ones appears to be irrepressible.

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Donald Trump’s Racism

Fearing Immigrants in the Age of Trump

06 Nov 1986, Washington, DC, USA — Original caption: Washington: President Reagan prepares to sign a landmark immigration reform bill at the White House. The bill gives certain illegal aliens a chance of benefits and citizenship and also includes sanctions against employers who exploit undocumented workers illegally entering the United States. Behind the President from left are: Rep. Peter Rodino, D-N.J.; Sen. Alan Simpson, R-Wyo.; Vice President George Bush and Sen. Strom Thurmond, R-S.C. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

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