Feel Good Sports Story of the Day, Playoff Edition

The Setting:  Oakland A’s at New York Yankees, American League Wildcard Game, October 3, 2018

“Internet rallies behind A’s fan who had a beer thrown on him by Yankees fan”

Liz Roscher, Oct 4, 2018

Yankee Stadium was rocking on Wednesday night when the New York Yankees took on — and eventually defeated — the Oakland Athletics in the American League wild-card game. Yankees fans were into it, and they cheered, clapped, and stomped from beginning to end. And considering that the game was a 7-2 romp, they had every reason to.

Cheering, clapping, and stomping are innocent fun. What this Yankees fan did does not fall in the “innocent fun” category.

That is a video of a Yankees fan throwing beer at a very sad A’s fan. That poor fan was sad before he got covered in beer, and then got sadder after he was doused. But his immediate reaction was disbelief. Because seriously, unless your goal is to be a massive idiot who gives Yankees fans a bad name, why do that to someone?

To the shock of no one, the video went viral. (The guy who recorded the video has said that he’s not the one who threw the beer.) And baseball fans, including Yankees fans, were not happy with the unknown beer-thrower.

Eventually, the video caught the eye of the people behind the A’s Twitter account. They wanted to find that beleaguered, beer-drenched A’s fan and get him some new, non-stinky gear.

But there’s more. Here comes the feel good…

“A’s fan soaked in beer partied with Yankees fan who threw it”

Yahoo Sports

Torrey Hart, 10/6/2018

The internet is truly an amazing place.

Two days ago, John Spencer was just an Oakland Athletics fan trying to enjoy his team’s presence in the American League wildcard game at Yankee Stadium. Now, thanks to the power of Twitter, he’s quickly becoming a folk hero.

After the game, a video surfaced of a Yankees fan dousing a sad A’s fan with a (probably) really expensive beer. The internet became outraged on the unnamed fan’s behalf, and the people running the A’s Twitter account took notice.

Within hours, Spencer – apparently an incredibly good sport – made his claim to fame.

What ensued was Twitter as its finest: fellow fans rallied in support, blowing up Spencer’s mentions with free ticket offers and appreciative statements.

But Thursday night, one unexpected outcome took place: Spencer connected with the guy who soaked him, and the two went out partying in New York. The beer-throwing fan chronicled their night on his Instagram account.

Baseball always has a way of bringing people together – let’s just hope it was on the Yankee fan’s dime.

“A’s Fan That Was Doused in Beer Now Buddies with His Douser”


‘Make friends not enemies’: A’s fan attends ALDS game with Yankees fan who threw beer on him

Mike OzYahoo Sports October 9, 2018

The best off-the-field story in the MLB postseason has been, without a doubt, the tale of the Oakland Athletics fan who had beer thrown on him during his favorite team’s AL wild-card loss at Yankee Stadium. The beer-throwing part was terrible, but everything that has happened since has been an example of the type of humanity we don’t see enough these days.

The saga took another heart-warming turn Tuesday night went the two guys went to Game 4 of the American League Division Series together at Yankee Stadium. Safe to say it’s been quite a week in both their lives.

John Spencer, the A’s fan, tweeted Monday that Chris, the Yankees fan, had invited him to Game 4. This comes after they’d made amends for the beer toss and partied together last week.

Here they were before the game, heading into Yankee Stadium:

Cut4 caught up with Chris and John at the game. Chris bought John’s ticket, but John wasn’t ready to completely back the Yankees in the postseason.

Spencer posted an in-game selfie with his new postseason pal and had a simple message: “Make friends not enemies.”

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter
Thanks Chris for the ticket tonight! Make friends not enemies

If these two can make friends, make amends and even attend a baseball game together, then maybe the rest of can learn something about growing beyond our mistakes and the things that divide us.


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