Happy 4th of July! A Salute to Trump’s America

Trump’s Salute to Himself

Trump’s sad, strange, somewhat Soviet Fourth of July spectacle

Trump’s 4th of July speech inserts politics and protests into national celebration

Trump Celebrates Himself on July 4th

“Trump’s militarized Mall has the feeling of Red Square and Pyongyang—and France’s Bastille Day which Trump seems to be trying to replicate his trip to Paris two summers ago.  The “supreme leader” wannabe of the United States will preside over jet fly-overs, including one from the Air Force One fleet, and tanks, admittedly, not many of them because the crumbling roads of the nation’s capital cannot withstand the weight of the huge military equipment.”

Trump’s Fourth of July Takeover Was Inevitable

The event is the latest expression of the 45th president’s creeping ubiquity.

Taking Back The Confederacy

The Pledge of Allegiance in Trumpland

Every Dictator Loves a Parade

Tanks, military vehicles take over DC’s streets before Trump’s 4th of July celebration

What Is Trump’s Military Parade Actually Celebrating?


‘Put Me Down as a No.’ These Retired Generals Are Not Happy About President Trump’s Military Parade

‘Relax and speak to America’: US soldiers in Trump’s military parade are handed instructions on what not to say


D.C. mayor slams Trump’s Fourth of July celebration

White House ‘struggles to draw crowds’ to Trump’s Fourth of July show

Everyone Loves a Parade

“Thus, by the turn of the century, military parades had cycled through a variety of purposes.  At times they were expressions of support for existing political authorities and at times they were oppositional.  At times they served to unify and at times they served to divide.  At times they were used by elites to elicit public support from the masses and at times they were used by the masses to challenge the legitimacy of the elites.  There is a certain irony in the fact that Federalists like Washington and Adams, champions of the military parade, found their own authority challenged by political opponents using this very ritual as their tactic.  In this way, the history of military parades in the 18th century is a microcosm of the history of the country as a whole.  Symbols and rituals are appropriated by new groups to serve their own purposes and in the process contest and reshape their meaning.”

Is Trump a Nazi?

Mein Fuhrer!

Salute to Trump’s Concentration Camps

Why Holocaust Comparisons Matter

The Nazi genocide gives us a frame of reference to understand modern atrocities.

“But an analogy is not an assertion that two things are the same. It’s an observation that they have meaningful similarities and that understanding one can tell us something useful about the other.”

Call immigrant detention centers what they really are: concentration camps

Reminder: Trump doesn’t need to keep migrants in detention camps

What the Concentration Camps of Bosnia Can Teach Us About the Abuse of Immigrants on the U.S. Border

Trump Baby Blimp Crashes Washington Independence Day Celebration

How Do You Celebrate a Flawed Nation?

“This Fourth of July, don’t celebrate a nation that’s perfect already. Celebrate a nation where movements have spent more than two centuries struggling and fighting and striving to create an ever more perfect union.”

4th of July Music Playlist

A Music Playlist To Protest the Age of Trump

Songs spanning genre and generation to get you through the Trump Era

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