“In Chains” by The War on Drugs

“I believe in all the power in doing what we can do. We can try and learn to make it through, then come out the other .”

Goin’ the way I always do
Callin’ out your name
Tryin’ not to hate myself
For gettin’ in the middle
And shining every light upon it

Still I miss the way you’d hold me close
In a cold wind
I caught you in our room staring at the light
I’d been up all night
Is this life and we’re just living it?

Still I wanna celebrate our love
I’ve been rollin’ like a sixteen
I can die on the floor
I’ve been shackled and delivered
There’s a girl out there with silence in her eyes
Her truth is in the dark

And I see you comin’ in view
Yeah, I need you
I’m comin’ in two
In view

Ain’t no wind that I could feel in a rain, in a rain, in a fleetin’ rain
Turn around and rip my
Then look at it and say how you broke away

Ain’t no way to elevate to another line
With nowhere to go
Ain’t no chains to hold you in
To hold you to
To losing you

I was hiding from an enemy
When something inside me died
It’s hard to see real clear these days
With darkness on my mind

As I stare into the ocean floor
And where I once was
Was I fallin’ through the air tonight
Then into your arms

Is this love?
Are you sure?
Is it something you can ?
, yeah
I’m in chains
I’m in love
I’m in pain

All these changes everywhere
Just go ahead and take my hand
Hold me close, now let me go
Try and understand

I believe in all the power
In doing what we can do
We can try and learn to make it through
Then come out the other side

I don’t see you at all comin’ in view
How do we decide what we can do?
I can’t read your mind
Just gimme the truth


I'm routinely overestimated.

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