“Measuring the Length of His Eye-Strings: ‘Rough and Tumble’ Fighting in the Early American Republic” in Reliving History Magazine

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Check out the Spring 2019 issue of Reliving History Magazine featuring my article on “Rough and Tumble” Fighting in early American history.

“An English boxing match, though a disgrace to a polished nation, is humanity itself, compared with the Virginian mode of fighting.”

Thomas Anburey, Travels Through the Interior Parts of America, 1789

If you are familiar with the “no holds barred” or “rough and tumble” style of fighting, you can find out more about its roots in colonial America.

If you are not familiar, you will definitely want to find out how to “feel for a feller’s eyes-strings, and make him tell the news.”

The victor always bragged savagely of his prowess, often leaping on a stump, crowing and flapping his arms” which was, in the view of Theodore Roosevelt, “a thoroughly American touch.”  


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