“One For You, One For Me” by Bright Eyes

“You and me, you and me that is an awful lie. It’s I and I.”

One for the righteous, one for the ruling class
One for the tyrant, one for the slaughtered lamb
One for the struggle, one for the lasting peace
One for you, and one for me

One for the Führer, one for his child bride
One for the wedding, one for the suicide
One for the bunker, one for the broadcast booth
One for me, now one for you

How did we get so far away from us?

How did we get so far away?

One for the people, one for the parliament
One for the weary, one for the malcontent
One for the master, one for the protégé
One for you, and one for me

One for the bread lines, one for the billionaires
One for the missing, one for the barely there
One for the certain, one for the real confused
One for me, okay, now one for you

Now that we’ve come so far away from us
Now that we’ve come too far to say

You and me, you and me that is an awful lie
You and me, you and me that is an awful lie
It’s I and I
It’s I and I
It’s I and I
It’s I and I

“Well the transit is of love, it goes back to love again. You understand when somebody’s having a problem with your issues, but whatever trip they’re having a problem with, you try to bring it together; you try not to cause division; you try to make it as a cosmos. It’s a cosmos, then it unfolds like a flower, it just keeps unfolding, time keeps moving on. Instead of someone saying, “Naw man, we’re gonna do it like, we’re gonna become Fascists, we’re gonna do it this way.” And you say, “No, we’re moving on and I hope I see you later where everybody’s okay.” And that’s the human race. When there’s total enlightenment, there will be peace, the world will be in bliss when there’s total enlightenment; so enlightenment is knowledge. As much knowledge as you can get people to seek and understand, ya know, and it’s mankind; it’s me, it’s you, it’s us that do it. But we have to call it to align. We say, “look I’m not gonna kick that guy’s ass, that happened ten years ago, I wish him well,” that’s love, ya know, and compassion. Or uhhh what do you call it (Mercy?)…what’s that?…(Mercy?)…mercy.”

—  Denny Brewer

American Songwriter: Bright Eyes- “One For You, One For Me”


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