“Pigs in Zen” by Jane’s Addiction

Jane’s Addiction History of “Pigs in Zen”

Pig’s in zen

Talkin’ bout the pig
the pig
the pig – uh
oh yeah,
the god damn pig!
Lets go!

Talkin’ bout the pig
The pig
The pig – uh!
The pa-pa-pa-pa-pig, yeah
The god damn pig
Lets go!

Yeah, so roses are red
I made up the rest
If you got some big fucking secret
Then why don’t you sing me something?
I’m in the midst of a trauma
Leave a message- I’ll call you back
Leave it by the bed
Some people should die
That’s just unconscious knowledge
Because, because the bigger you get
The wider you’re spread
You gotta depend on me
Now your vision is dead
The more your dream is dead
It gets sucked from my eye
Like an eagle’s claw

The pig
The pig
The pig


I'm routinely overestimated.

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