“Radio Silence” by Shearwater

“And knock ’em all down with a last looming wave. Black as old with a warm, steady rage. And the crack of old bones.”

Sliver of sundown, glimmer of daylight
in place with trembling knees
Vision of lightning, vision of sunrise
Overlay worlds on the grid of our

And knock ’em all down
With a last looming wave
Black as old blood
With a warm, steady rage
And the crack of old bones

Yankee go

Choking on signal, sucking on
Sodium lights on the monument’s face
Radio London, Radio Cyprus
Where the Lincolnshire poacher’s shaking his cage

He was sold for a lifeline, sold for a crown
Singing an old lie down the repeater
But the radio lapses, the radio dies
The sky is a blank screen, an open receiver
Summon an old sound, rattle to life
Spin on an axis, fly into pieces

In disarray

Lie in disarray, disarray

I need it, I need it, I need it


I'm routinely overestimated.

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