Reliving History Magazine: Colonial Dentistry, Early American Military Parades, and Much More

Reliving History Magazine


“Little Shops of Horror: Blacksmiths, Barbers, and ” by Christopher Elmore

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“Few events inspire dread in the minds of modern children than a trip to the dentist. Parents struggle to comfort their children, in part, because few of them enjoy going to the dentist either. Contemporary Americans, however, might have a different attitude toward dentists if they appreciated how the dental profession had come since colonial times.”


“Everyone Loves a Parade: Parades in 18th Century America” by Christopher P. Elmore

Yorktown Parade Reenactment

“Thus, by the turn of the century, military parades had cycled through a variety of purposes. At times they were expressions of support for existing political authorities and at times they were oppositional. At times they served to unify and at times they served to divide. At times they were used by elites to elicit public support from the masses and at times they were used by the masses to challenge the legitimacy of the elites.”



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