Reservoir Dogs Flashback: “Stuck in the Middle With You” by Stealers Wheel

“To this day I cannot hear that song without seeing the warehouse, Blonde dancing, and helpless Marvin Nash taped to the chair.” 

Steven Church

‘Reservoir Dogs’ Moment Remembered In Home Video By Michael Madsen

Stuck in the Middle With You: On Reservoir Dogs and the Soundtrack to Savagery

Reservoir Dogs’ most famous scene was improvised

Quentin Tarantino admits he paid just £10k to use Gerry Rafferty’s Stuck in the Middle with You in Reservoir Dogs

‘Reservoir Dogs’ Reunion: Quentin Tarantino Recalls When He “Knew Making Movies Was Going To Work Out” 

“The torture scene (and dance) continued to make waves worldwide at festivals. Tarantino recalled counting the number of walkouts, with the highest number being 33 at one festival.”

EXCLUSIVE: I had my ear cut off in one of cinema’s most gruesome moments- and people STILL think it really happened, says star of infamous Reservoir Dogs torture scene

Mezco Toyz Reservoir Dogs Action Figure Box Set Mr. Blonde & Marvin Nash Stuck In The Middle With You

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    • Comes with authentic movie accessories
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    • Brand new in manufacturer window box packaging


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