“Resurrection Fern” by Iron & Wine

“In our days we will say what our ghosts will say. We gave the world what it saw fit, but what’d we get?”

In our days we will live
Like our ghosts will live
Pitching glass at the cornfield crows
And folding clothes

Like stubborn boys across the room
We’ll keep everything
Grandma’s gun, and the black bear claw
That took her dog

When sister Laurie says “Amen”
We won’t hear anything

The ten-car train will take that word
That fledgling bird

And the falling house across the way
It’ll keep everything

In our days we will say
What our ghosts will say
We gave the world what it saw fit
But what’d we get?

Like stubborn boys with big green eyes
We’ll see everything
In the timid shade of the autumn leaves
And the buzzard’s wing

And we’ll undress beside the ashes of the fire
Our tender bellies all wound around in baling wire

All the more a pair of underwater pearls
Than the oak tree and his Resurrection Fern

The Sound of Songwriting: With Sam Beam of the Iron & Wine


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