“Strange Season” by Michael Penn

“Do you want to know that it comes down to this? Do you want to hear that ignorance is bliss?”

This story is past tense
And I did not want my cover blown
Thought well enough was left alone
And who decided you’d rescue me?
Yeah, I do agree
A bent and broken set are we

Up in a tree you’re stuck
And the only lights off the wire
Are all the moths in the fire
Can’t you feel how the air is getting dry
Try, but can’t identify
What you start to think

Baby won’t go out at night
They took apart the Angels Flight for this
Strange season

Did you feel the change from cold to hot?
With fever you will have a bout
And all you do is talk about
The meaning of the walkabout
There I go again
A taste of my own medicine

So shake your head and look around
The leaves don’t fall, there’s still no sound to this
Strange season

Then I start to think:
I’ve seen it through, I saw the sights
Disassembled Angels Flight for this
Strange season

Do you want to know that
It comes down to this
Do you want to hear that

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