The Post-American Order

If Trump is reelected, his “America first” foreign policy will have been validated, and the result will be an America snarling into decline. The admiration for the United States that reduces the cost of everything it tries to achieve in the world will evaporate, and other countries will move on, shaping a new order to protect themselves from a self-seeking, often hostile United States.

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The 2019 State of the Union Recap

For once, Trump’s lying did not take center stage during the 2019 State of the Union. Rather, “the Donald” lost the stage to an seasoned political veteran and a young political prop. If you missed the speech, here are the highlights.

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Trump Needs a Lot of Help with Foreign Policy

Managing our country’s foreign policy is, by constitutional design and practical necessity, the most important task of the modern US president. Electing a person like Trump with little knowledge and competence in this area is deeply troubling.

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