“The Lure of Falconry” and “Christmas in Colonial America” in Reliving History (Winter 2018)

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The historical record suggests that not only did falconry affect the development of language, but it also may have been a primary motivation for the English interest in exploring the Americas.   By all accounts, falconry had largely fallen out of favor everywhere in the Atlantic World by the late 18th century and was not revived until the 20th century. The plethora of falconer associations across the globe, however, testify to the enduring fascination with the spectacle of the falcon hunt.  The scene has captivated the human imagination for longer than people have recorded history and continues to this day.

“They for whom all days are holy can have no holiday.”- Puritan Maxim

Our lives are very different in most ways than those of our ancestors. We are often surprised by what we find on our journeys of exploration into the past. Yet we also realize that our lives would be even more shocking to them. Of all of those things that would shock our Pilgrim andPuritan forebearers, few would do so more than our contemporary celebration of the Christmas holidays.


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